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Boost Curb Appeal in 7 Easy Steps

First impressions matter when planning to sell your home. It is important to improve your home’s curb appeal to attract higher bidders within the shortest time possible. With the increased competition in the real estate industry, buyers focus on homes that are appealing and worth value for their money. This is why taking various measures to improve curb appeal is important.

Landscaping is a top consideration that many people leverage to improve the curb appeal of their homes when planning to sell. With landscaping, you maximize your yard attributes to create a beautiful outside appearance that quickly attracts potential buyers. Luckily, there are multiple landscaping ideas to make your yard welcoming with an improved home value. You can upgrade your yard without breaking the bank, even working on a limited budget. Here are various landscaping ideas to boost curb appeal.

1.   Properly Maintain Your Lawn

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to be expensive. You can have a low-maintenance garden that makes your home appealing to potential buyers. This is a crucial consideration for many potential buyers since an elaborate garden can be turned off for buyers that aren’t gardeners. Regular lawn maintenance plays a vital role in the overall outlook of your lawn.

If you keep up with the maintenance, lawn care won’t become a huge project that requires a lot of money. The beds or plants won’t create a lot of natural litter like seed pods and petals. Consider mowing your lawn regularly, pulling or killing weeds, manicuring, and raking off leaves to keep the garden neat. Keep the lawn watered and fertilized.


2.   Prune Bushes and Trees

A garden with many trees and shrubs can make the property appear mature, with a sense of fullness. However, these elements can become rangy and overgrown to a landscape. This can detract from the property’s beauty and make it less appealing to potential buyers. Overgrown shrubs and trees can overshadow gardens and block views of your homes.

It is important to prune them to a manageable size with the help of a professional. The professional understands how to prune the shrubs and trees and ensures that the garden looks uniform, usually not within the waist-high level. They will remove the dead, damaged, and sickly stems and keep up with the process to ensure trees and shrubs do not overshadow the garden.

3.   Plant Flowers and Other Plants

Adding flowers and other plants creates a calming effect that boosts people’s moods as they get to the property. This is usually the first thing that those coming in will spot, thus, experiencing a positive impact on the plants.

Planting flowers can be a surprisingly effective landscaping strategy to improve curb appeal and attract potential buyers. Flowers add an accent color to the garden. Consider adding flowers that can spread across your house to offer a touch of color to the property. You can add different variations of colors in planter boxes if you want a more English-like garden style.


4.   Plant Flower Beds and Borders

If you do not have enough space on your property, consider planting flower beds and borders. Flower beds create a significant impact when it comes to boosting curb appeal landscaping. Fill pots and containers with colorful flowers and get an attractive yard in the entire area of the house.

Of course, flowers and borders require care. Watering and weeding the gardens after planting the flowers is essential to keep off elements that may compromise the integrity of the flowers and your garden. Line the pathway of the front door with flowers, or plant a flower border along your house’s exterior front part.

5.   Improve the Landscaping

Creating a gorgeous front yard with a beautiful landscape can quickly attract many potential buyers, causing you to sell your home faster at the best price. You can improve landscaping by installing a container garden to create a beautiful curb appeal for the home.

Consider a window box idea because it doesn’t require much plant material. You can update the plants occasionally by adding pretty plants to fill the container and make the garden more appealing. Improved landscaping is fun, welcoming, and fulfilling to your potential buyers and can help you close the sale quickly.


6.   Choose Plants That Are Proportionate

When potential buyers come to your home, they quickly judge the overall appearance based on what they see. This is why you should be cautious when planting shrubs in front of your house. Use midsize plants that are attractive from a distance to anchor the overall design of your home. Don’t let the bushes appear larger than the house because this can prevent you from quickly selling your house and diminish its value in the long run.

Think about plants and shrubs that will grow proportionally and complement the front of your home. It is also important to consider a variety of small plants and bushes with a mixture of heights that reflect the shape and lines of the house and walkways.

7.   Light Up Your Landscaping

You can never go wrong with lights when creating an appealing landscape. Some buyers can choose to view your property at night for various reasons. It is important to ensure that they do not struggle to see your garden once they come because this helps them make informed decisions. For this reason, it is important to light up every corner of your garden so that there is clear illumination at night whenever potential buyers come to view the property. Install small lanterns on the driveways, walkways, or larger spotlights to illuminate certain areas of your landscape.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Quality Landscaping Products 

So many elements are involved in boosting curb appeal. While it doesn’t have to be complicated, you want to ensure that you use quality products that will significantly improve the value of your home to attract potential and valuable buyers quickly. If you are looking for quality landscaping products, Quality Accents LLC has all you need. We offer a wide range of landscaping products that help improve your home’s curb appeal indoors and outdoors. We sell quality products and provide outstanding customer support to our customer’s satisfaction. Contact us today to learn about our products.

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