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A Dozen Clever Landscaping Ideas For Planter Boxes

Did you know that planter boxes are more than just a container for a bit of dirt and foliage? Just check out these 12 clever uses that are anything but average landscaping purposes for planter boxes.

1. Tabletop Gardening: If you thought that you would have to give up gardening because of back problems, why not use planter boxes to create a back-friendly tabletop garden? (image)

2. Water Feature: Vinyl is a waterproof material. Planter boxes crafted from vinyl can be easily converted to a modern water feature to use indoors or out. (image)

3. Deck Drama: Add some drama to your deck with sunken planter boxes. (image)

4. Simplify Annual Flowerbeds: Love the color and pop of annual flowerbeds but hate the seasonal digging out of the old and re-planting of the new? A modern update for traditional flowerbeds is to edge your home and patio areas with a barrier wall. Then it’s easy to replace out-of-season foliage with a freshly planted box of new color. This design makes it amazingly simple to remove any unsightly dead plants and control insects and disease more effectively. (image)

5. Child’s Garden: Every child enjoys their own patch of dirt to dig about in. The sense of accomplishment of successfully growing some cabbages to be enjoyed at the family dinner table is a lifelong wonderful memory. Instead of tilling up a corner of the backyard, opt for a clever alternative. Edge a suitable spot to define your child’s space and fill it with planter boxes. This makes it easier for children to sow, cultivate, and harvest their very own garden. It also creates a pretty backyard attraction. (image)

6. Cold Climate Gardening: Does your green thumb itch when it’s too cold to garden? A vinyl hotbed planter box will make it possible to scratch that itch! (image)

7. Mix It Up: Why buy just one planter box? Use an assortment of mixed colors and sizes then add a variety of plant species. It’s that easy to create an eye-catching focal point on the patio. (image)

8. Beautiful Barriers: Barriers keep us safe and define spaces. Why have a bland barrier when you can have a beautiful one? Rather than design a stack of timber, stones or bricks to serve as a low garden wall, use planter boxes. (image)

9. Pretty Privacy: Have an outdoor space that is low on privacy? Planter boxes can fix that, and quite a pretty fix at that. (image)

10. Walkway Wonders: Boring walkways with straight lines and right angles can be softened with the addition of foliage and flowers in planter boxes. Transform a drab walkway into a path of wonder that beckons you onward. (image)

11. Seating Upgrade: A blah bench becomes the seating area of choice when flanked with planter boxes filled with lush greenery and flowers emanating sweet perfumes. (image)

12. Focal Point: A planter box with a trellis feature, filled with the pop of vibrant color, becomes a spectacular focal point indoors or out. (image)

Why Vinyl?

Gardeners are usually associated with all things natural. It may, then, seem counter-intuitive to use a man-made material like vinyl in landscape containers. But this type of material is gaining in popularity among landscape professionals and garden enthusiasts for many reasons:

  • Longevity: Many vinyl landscape products have a lifespan of 50+ years.
  • Durability: Vinyl is resistant to chipping, cracking and fading, even in weather extremes.
  • Stable: Some wood, stone and brick products can leach harmful toxins into the soil that can affect plant health. Vinyl is considered a stable material that produces no leaching of toxins.
  • Variety: Gardeners can find an array of colors, shapes, patterns, and designs to suit every taste.
  • Washable: Never have dingy, dirty containers ever again! Vinyl is stain resistant and easy to clean.

Shop online for planter boxes that are perfect for your landscape scheme. Update your patio and walkways. Add a splash of welcoming color to a front entry. There is simply no limit to how planter boxes can beautify your home.

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