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Patio Lights: Crafting a Charming Patio With Lighting Design

A home’s patio is an extension of the living space. Perhaps you have a wide sliding glass door that invites sunshine and garden views into the living room or a cozy cottage door that opens into a private oasis. Your patio should be a place of relaxation, family gatherings, and warm summer evenings. However, without […]


Boost Curb Appeal in 7 Easy Steps

First impressions matter when planning to sell your home. It is important to improve your home’s curb appeal to attract higher bidders within the shortest time possible. With the increased competition in the real estate industry, buyers focus on homes that are appealing and worth value for their money. This is why taking various measures […]


Avoid Making These 10 Landscaping Mistakes

Landscaping is a great way to add value to your home and create an outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy. However, there are some common mistakes people make when they’re landscaping which can end up costing them time, money, and energy in the long run. Here are 10 of the most common […]


10 Delightful Landscaping Ideas to Inspire Your Garden

The green space around your home defines the ambiance of the entire property. Whether your front walk is lined with beautiful flowers or your back garden is an arboreal escape will shape how you enjoy your home and what guests experience when they come to visit. Fortunately, changing your landscaping can also help redefine your […]

Aerial view of a gardener trimming the grass in a very spacious yard.

8 Landscaping Tips for Beginners

If you’ve never attempted landscape design, you might find it overwhelming. What plants should be included, and where should they be placed? Should bed lines and routes be straight or curved? Consider your yard as you would a room in your house since many of the same rules governing how you set up rooms inside also […]

Wide shot of a neat and spacious backyard.

How to Prepare Your Yard for Landscaping Design in 7 Steps

Landscaping design is a constructive art that allows you to change the entire shape and topography of your yard. You can create islands, paths, arboreal escapes, and sun-warmed patios. Laying a pebble creek with a little bridge or creating a tiered space for easy-to-reach planters is doable. You can hang swings, plant new shrubbery, or even […]

Woman removing weeds from her flowerbed - weed-free garden techniques.

Weed-Free Garden: Safe and Effective Techniques

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden can be a rewarding experience, but it also requires a lot of work. One of the most frustrating tasks for gardeners is dealing with weeds. Not only do weeds steal nutrients and water from your plants, but they also detract from the overall appearance of your garden. So how […]

Person gathering a pile of fall leaves from the garden.

Ways to Use Fall Leaves to Improve Soil Health in Your Garden

One of the joys of autumn is the colorful display of falling leaves. But as beautiful as they may be, raking them up and tossing them in the trash can seem like a tedious and wasteful chore. However, there are actually many benefits to using fall leaves in the garden rather than throwing them away. […]

Gardening with children - mother and daughter watering a potted plant.

How Can Gardening Benefit Your Children?

A garden is a wonderful thing to share with a child. One child, two, or an entire classroom, children can learn so much just from burying their hands in the soil and watching the seeds they plant grow, blossom, fruit, and hibernate. Children learn to play with nature, try things, and understand where everything living […]

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