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Swells when it rains

Swells when it rains so straight lines look like snakes - would be great if the wood had a sealant

Wood landscape edging

Bought 2 pallets. Connecting pieces took some time to get use to, once came up with a system went much faster. Had to fix less than 1% of end connection by either rebending metal connector or redrilling connection hole in adjacent piece. This was not a real problem, just took extra time. If we need more will purchase again

Classy and easy

So easy to install and looks like a million. Love it and am so happy to have found it.

This is my 2nd order. They are super easy to install and look great.

This was my second order for this product. I did have a slight problem with one of the pieces. One end connector broke as I was putting it in place. It was still usable & I still think it is a wonderful product.
Ill definitely order more in the future.

Have two trees that needed edging around them after I had pavers laid, so the dirt wouldn't go all over the pavers when it rained. I first bought plastic ones but they did look cheap. These my be pricey but look very polished around my trees that I also planted flowers around. Very pleased with them.

We purchased this edging for a section of our front yard. The boxes came pretty quickly, however, 2 small sections were slightly damaged. I call their customer service department and they shipped 2 new sections right away. They stand behind their product and pledge to their customers. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends who are looking for edging for their projects. I had a very positive experience and will certainly order from them again.

I first purchased this wood edging almost 2 years ago, completed first area and loved the look. I delayed purchasing more as I wanted to see how they held up. Like most well laid plans, mother nature laughed and dropped a tree on my home. It took 1/2 year to get all the repairs done. Unfortunately, the tree removal team and re-construction crews ran over my edging. As soon as I could get to the edging, I removed it and was actually amazed at how well they held up. None of the pins were broken, but several areas did suffer separation at the joints (repaired them with wood glue). I did have my answer as to how they held up and decided to order more. Of course, Covid-19 was well upon us and sadly the wooden edging was not available. In the process of cleaning up the damage, several new beds were created and I really wanted more of the wooden edging but had to go with the plastic edging. It looked OK, especially since I was convinced the wood would not be available again, but when I was trying to install it, the connecting pins were way off. In desperation I found I could bend the pins but not easily as I really don't have the correct tool. I finally gave up and contacted Amazon who authorized the return. After that I kept checking web site and finally received a notice from Quality Accents that the wood edging was available. I immediately ordered a rather large quantity so that I could cover all my beddings now and am super pleased with it. The install is going well and I am confident that this product will last many years. BTW, at one point I spoke to an individual at QA about my experience with the plastic product. Shipping was free and quick. I received my order within 5 days. I don't need any more flower beds, but if I change my mind, I know where I will get my edging.

We received the replacement sections but haven't put them in yet. Thanx.

Initially bought only one set to see if we liked it. As soon as we received it, ordered what we needed! Sturdy, very well made and easy to install. Love the brown color, don't really like the black edging we saw online of other products, this one blends with nature....

Absolutely perfect for the area we bought it for!

I did experience a mfg. flaw as 2 end slats came off but I bought extra and got the job done. I would say overall very happy.

Looks beautiful as an edging around tree, natural color, well- constructed, easy to install and adjust, fit together nicely. Very pleased.

This border looks very nice. I like that is flexible and can be cut down to size. I can't speak to how well it will hold up, but as of now, it looks terrific. So much better than the fake plastic brick border we had before.

I had ordered this item before from Eco-green and needed a few more pieces to complete job. I had previously placed order with Amazon but was sent your version which didn't match, it was wrong color.

There is very good reason to call it "Quality". Great wood, impressive flexibility, simple to couple, easier to install and, my wife and neighbors love it. Thank you quality.

Best customer service ever. Very quick and friendly responses. Total professionals, easy transactions and a pleasure to deal with.

Very easy to install. Looks great as a flower bed border to keep grass out and mulch in! A little high in price but worth it.

I love the way this edging looks! I have it surrounding a large group of trees and there is about 1 1/2 tons of small red stone inside the edging- it looks great - clean - neat! I would suggest attaching a few together before Inserting into ground.

Great product and looks great in the landscaping!

I love this trim. It is beautiful and high quality and so easy to install. Thank you!!

Extremely easy to install, and looks beautiful! We are very pleased

This wood edging is great looking, quite modern style, and very easy to use. The interlocking hook system is simple. I did get one or two wood sticks that partially broke due to the strength on the hooking connections. Quality is good enough for me to decide to purchase more. I wish they would also sell a taller version (about double the height) for edging areas that require taller edging.

The edging was easy to install and looks great. We are very happy with our purchase.

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