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Three Child-Friendly Ways to Make Your Yard Beautiful

It’s a common misconception that having a beautiful home and raising young children are incompatible, but you know differently. There are hundreds of ways to decorate that are not only safe for children to play around but downright kid friendly and imagination inspiring. The fact of the matter is that children love beautiful things as much as you do and building an enchanting yard is a wonderful way to enhance their young lives and give yourself an alluring garden to relax in and throw the occasional barbecue with friends. Here are three great ideas to help create an enchanting and child-friendly backyard.

1) Wrap-Around Tree Benches

Trees are a wonderful addition to any yard and are often home to many childhood activities. Everyone has their own personal style for decorating the trees in their front or back yards. Some people prefer hanging lanterns, Tuscan style lights, or hammocks hung between their two sturdiest trees. One fantastic way to turn your tree from a lovely oxygen producer into a welcoming gathering place in your garden is with a wrap-around bench. With smooth, complimenting wood tones, you can create a welcoming octagonal bench that is the perfect size for your favorite yard tree. This gives grown-ups a beautiful place to sit and chat and acts as a sturdy step stool for the tree climbing adventures of children who have not yet grown tall enough to reach the lower branches on their own.

2) Flower Covered Arbors

Vine flowers in their brilliant variety of colors and shapes create a stunning impression for any yard but they need something to climb up. Many homes rely on trellises up against the walls or integrated into the deck railing but if you want a place for your climbing flowers that will inspire childlike imaginations, you can create unique and breathtaking lawn features with two-hoop arbors. A simple wood, metal or vinyl arch that has been made specially to support flowers can create shady flower covered walkways, inviting gates to your backyard or even a centerpiece around which other pieces of your garden can be built. While you will enjoy the lovely flower covered shade, your children will delight in pretending it is a doorway to a magical land, a wedding arch or simply a stage for greater adventures.

3) Streams and Bridges

If you’ve been thinking about transforming your yard into a somewhat larger landscaping project, naturally you want to choose features that are both safe and fun for your children. If you enjoy the sound of running water but don’t want to spend time and energy on cleaning a fountain, what about a little backyard stream? A shallow trench lined with lovely smooth river rocks is perfect accent a quiet afternoon in your backyard and something your children will enjoy leaping over and splashing in. To take it from tranquil to enchanting, consider a few little foot bridges and enjoy watching your children pretend to be travelers, trolls, and fairies running across, leaping passed, and granting each other access to your child-sized backyard bridges.

There’s nothing more rewarding than creating an exquisite yard that both your grown-up friends and growing children enjoy spending time in. You can sit on the deck drinking in the beauty while your children run and play in an imagination stimulating outdoor environment. In fact, once you’ve finished your alluring landscaping project, the whole family may be reluctant to go inside leading to enjoyable summer dinners at the patio table. Whether you decide to go with the wrap-around tree bench, flower covered arbors, a personal bridge-covered stream or design something entirely unique with your children in mind, remember that there’s no limitation to the ways you can make your yard both beautiful and child-friendly.


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