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Landscape Edging: What You Need to Know

Curb appeal increases your home’s value and makes it more appealing to buyers. The attractiveness of your home’s exterior gives people a taste of what they can expect in the interior and determines whether or not buyers want to look inside. A well-defined landscape is one of those must-haves when you want to achieve excellent curb appeal. Beautiful landscape edging gives your compound a clean and professional look and is also a good motivation to spend some time in your outdoor area with your family. Crisp, well-kept lawns will also make you feel more confident when you want to invite guests over or host an event. Apart from aesthetics, your choice of landscape edging should also be long-lasting and add value to your home.

What is Landscape Edging and Do You Need It?

A landscape edge is a border that defines various areas in your yards such as your walkway or pavement, vegetable garden, flower bed, trees, or even a seating area. Without proper landscape edging, your regular lawn maintenance takes much more time. While it will not keep your garden weed-free, edging creates a barrier that prevents grass and weeds from growing into the landscape beds and pavements. It also keeps soil from spilling over from the beds during heavy rains, so you never have to worry about your lawn getting out of control. Well-defined landscapes also direct people to stay on defined paths to avoid destroying planting beds and other designated areas.

How Do You Do Landscape Edging? The Easiest Landscape Edging to Install

While some people are used to digging landscaping which involves digging trenches before you place your edging material, the digging method is labor-intensive and time-consuming. For stone or brick edging, for instance, you’ll need mud mortar or an angle grinder to fit the stones together which requires special expertise. The no-dig landscaping method is an easy installation landscape edging method that you can use when you want to avoid the long process of digging trenches.

No-dig edging is a simple DIY process. You will first clear debris from the area where you want to place your landscape before you pound your edging stakes tightly into the ground. You can also mow your lawn first so that you can achieve a cleaner finish. Some of the common materials for edging that you can use for no-dig landscaping include rock, brick, metal, plastic, wood, and poly. You can go with straight edges for a formal look but you can also be more flexible with your edging design and create irregular edges and sweeping designs that introduce a sense of movement and give your yard a softer look while increasing curb appeal. Use 8-Pk wooden landscape edgings that are 20′ long, long enough to create unique landscape designs.

What Type of Edging is Best for Landscaping?

There’s no standard landscape edging. Whether you want to do it for functional or decorative purposes, your choice of edging will depend on several factors including:

1. The Type of Structure You are Edging

The type of structure you want to edge will determine what material you should use. Lawn-to-border edges, for instance, can do with light-duty materials such as wood or plastic edging. You can also use poly landscape edging which is lighter than plastics but stronger and more durable even in hot weather. Light-duty edging materials come in various qualities. Low-quality wood edging may end up giving in to things like mold and rot during the rainy season. Invest in strong and durable wood landscape edging that will not chip, decay, or rot and can withstand different weather conditions. If you are edging in areas with a longer circumference or length, you need longer, flexible edging like the 8-pk wooden landscape edging so you can edge up to 20′ at a go.

2. Aesthetics

The level of aesthetics you want to display will also depend on where you are creating an edge. If you want to edge around flower beds, the edging may end up being obscured by planting so no one will notice your beautiful edges. When you are edging around pavements or any place that is in view, beautiful paving will afford you great curb appeal. Some materials are also more aesthetic than others. You can stain or paint wood materials for aesthetics. You can also make eye-catching designs when you are using stone and concrete landscape edging by using creative masonry and stoneware.

3. Your Budget vs Durability

Wood landscape edging is relatively cheap and easy to install. You should only use high-quality wood landscape edging since wood is susceptible to fungi, rot, and pests. Well-treated timber should last you at least 15 years, which is value for money. Metal edging is more durable but also tends to be quite pricey compared to wood edging. Plastic edging is the most affordable option which you can use if you want to edge around temporary gardens.

Landscape Edging Maintenance

Landscape edging makes it easier to maintain your lawn and you’ll probably have to do it less often than when you don’t edge your landscape. When the time comes to revamp your landscape, you’ll need several tools including a shovel, hand pruners, and a garden rake which you can use to trim and shape your shrubs. You can also consider adding some curb appeal by, for instance, adding color to your landscape edges.

Easy-to-Install and Durable Landscape Edging

When you do not want to spend too much time edging your landscape but still want to have a beautiful landscape, no-dig landscaping is the way to go. When you are sourcing landscape edging, ease of installation and durability are two crucial factors to consider. You need edging materials that are easy to maintain and can also withstand different climatic conditions.

The 8-Pk wood landscape edging from Quality Accents, for instance, is unlike other types of professionally-installed edging and even surpasses treated wood. Our wood edging does not fade, decay, rot, or chip which means it will last you a lifetime. Our unique and flexible designs also let you get creative with your paveway or garden borders to enhance your curb appeal. You can adjust your edges according to your needs like hosting different themed occasions or when you have a growing garden. Get that clean and finished look on your yard. Shop for our high-quality landscape edging with free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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