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Hardscape Features and Landscaping Ideas to Expand Your Outdoor Uses

Outdoor rooms continue to gain in popularity. Your yard might be roomy and spacious or just small enough to make it cozy and intimate. Whatever the size, you’ve probably thought of dividing your outdoor space into at least a couple of different areas. Creating rooms outside might be a project that is on your schedule or something to which you’re still adding final touches.

Outdoor Rooms

The possibilities are endless, and you are often limited only by your imagination. Landscape projects are always evolving, and so it is with outdoor rooms. Perhaps you extend the outdoor season by using a fire pit. Their popularity has inspired a range of designs and ways to provide heat outside that reaches far beyond the typical outdoor fireplace. Fire pits make heated comfort available for virtually all seasons. How fun being warm and toasty when you’re outside on a winter evening with friends and family.

Kitchen and dining areas are much more than just a grill and disposable plastic furniture these days. Outdoor dining shares the elegance of an indoor dining experience when the situation dictates. This area doubles as a place to feed children and their visitors without the indoor mess, wear and tear. Many moms appreciate this fact, while they enjoy turning over the tongs to the grill master in the family.

Outdoor Kitchen Amenities

Up-to-date outdoor grills with side burners, griddles, and endless innovative features, encourage the most expert culinary preparation outside. Warming ovens, BBQ grills, wine coolers, and wood-fired pizza ovens often grace the outdoor kitchen. Dining areas and bars make for a delectable outdoor dining experience. And of course, the chef has access to a complete, sometimes elaborate herb garden, whether planted in containers or a raised bed nearby. The outdoor dining experience has come a long way in recent years.

Other Uses of Outdoor Rooms

Other purposes inspire outdoor rooms, such as the kids and their activities. A game area might include a basketball court, an in-ground trampoline or an x-box featuring unlimited activities. Sometimes the game area is an expanse of lawn for touch football and games for younger children. Basic seating and drink storage is sometimes all that’s needed. The game room is usually at the farthest point from the house and may include an expanse of woods for nature exploration.

You might sometimes work from home and have an outdoor office. Many computers and most phones work without an electrical outlet. If one is necessary, they are relatively simple to set up. Working outside is a perfect way to get that often needed peace and quiet. A hard work surface and a roof are all that’s needed in some areas. “Design of an al fresco office space is best integrated into a site wide design plan,” according to the Landscaping Network in an article defining the options of having an outdoor office.

Add an Entrance

All these outdoor areas provide the chance to enjoy well-placed landscaping and spend time outdoors. No matter the use of your outdoor room, one thing most of them have in common is an entrance. Consider using our high-quality arbor as an entrance to your outdoor room or even the entrance into the yard. Our vinyl 2-hoop arbor is easy to assemble and can also be used to enhance flower beds, walk areas, pool areas, and rose gardens.

Whether used as a functional piece or merely decorative, this vinyl arbor will add beauty and value to your outdoor world. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor rooms and other areas by being creative and adding valued character to your outdoor space.

Grow flowering vines or foliage creepers up the arbor for added beauty and character. In some garden layouts, you might use one arbor as an entrance and another as an exit. Our American made arbors are 100% vinyl and will not split, crack, peel or splinter. Holes are pre-drilled for easy assembly, with a lifetime warranty so you can enjoy it for years.


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