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Fuss-Free Curb Appeal in any Season

As the weather transitions from one season to another, garden beds are sometimes hard to keep filled with fresh and colorful vegetation. Homeowners looking for fuss-free curb appeal will find the right choice in plants is important. Additionally, adding a few well-placed planter boxes will go a long way to adding height and color to a garden space. These two choices will help to accent any house. Check out our ideas for fuss-free curb appeal all year-long.

Plan Ahead

Although the goal of fuss-free curb appeal is to decrease the amount of dedicated time required, it’s important to take time to plan. Begin with mapping out the garden space. Once you know how large the area is you can choose a variety of plants. Ideally, you will want to include a few shrubs which will stay green with little effort.

You will want to take note of the amount of shade an area. A garden shop or greenhouse will be able to help you decide between plants that are known to do well in your area of the country. Take note of how large the plants become when fully mature. Both width and height are important to research. If plants become overcrowded, there is more work with weeding and pruning.

Another aspect to focus on in the planning stage is the ground cover choice. Spend time considering options that will last longer than a season. Many options will reduce weed growth too. This is always a preferable option for fuss-free gardening.


The quickest way to reduce the time spent planting through the year is to choose perennial plants for your landscaping. The Spruce explains “Perennials are plants that are expected to live longer than 2 years.” Finding a plant you like that is also a perennial is a critical step, but The Spruce points out not all perennials flourish in every location. “Not all plants with the ability to be perennial are hardy in all areas. Some can be killed by freezing temperatures, excessively dry conditions or other growing conditions. This is why hardiness zones are so important. Knowing what zone you garden in will allow you to determine what plants will survive in your area.”

Choosing perennials will reduce the time each year spent planting. Additionally, it can minimise the expense of maintaining the curb appeal of your home.

Planter Boxes and Edging

In the cooler months, there are fewer flowers to choose from. Many perennials will become dormant in preparation for the next blooming season. Seasonal rotations of flowers will make the front of a home look fresh and inviting. Using planter boxes is an excellent way to add to a garden space for seasonal flowers and plants.

Planter boxes can extend a garden space without the need to disrupt the ground. They can also contain plants from spreading. Limited space for individual plants will help when the time comes to remove dead branches. They will also contribute to ensuring all of the roots of old plants excavate quickly.

Adding trim to the edge of the garden space will define the edges of the planting area. Clean edges create a finished area. This is a quick way to increase curb appeal. Adding the trim doesn’t need further attention beyond the initial work. That’s as fuss-free as it gets! For more information on finishing touches check this post.

Busy families require attention and time all year-long. Still, it’s possible to have curb appeal that looks great without a lot of effort and is also easy to update with the seasons. Taking time to research and plan a garden space will involve increased effort on the front end. Incorporating perennial plants, planter boxes and finishing touches will work together to give any home fuss-free curb appeal in any season.

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