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The Freedom to Redecorate with a Modular Garden

Are you the kind of decorator who loves to rearrange the furniture? If so, you’re not alone. Constantly changing your environment isn’t just fun, it also stimulates creative thinking. Many homemakers love the excitement of creating a new decorative landscape every few days and aren’t shy about DIY solutions like shelving, hanging pictures, and moving the couch to a new influential location. Of course, many dynamic decorators tend to neglect their yards because landscaping changes are more permanent and require a lot more work to implement, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are hundreds of ways to landscape your yard in a unique, innovative, and even change-friendly fashion. One of the most popular ways to re-arrange your outdoor areas is to build a modular garden.

What is a Modular Garden?

Traditional gardening involves choosing a flower bed and a few varieties of flowers, vegetables, or other emplaced plant and setting them permanently in the soft earth. A modular garden, on the other hand, is made of up many planters and pots that can be moved just like the furniture. While the plants and the soil they rest in may stay the same, where they lay and how you arrange your containers can change every day. Many gardeners use this method to move delicate plants and out of the sun, but more creatively minded individuals will naturally find themselves creating artful designs as a form of non-permanent landscaping.

Dynamic Flower Sculptures

Pots, baskets, and planter boxes that stack well together can become the medium for your artistic expression. While you may start with neat rows of containers and potting soil, soon your creativity will shine through. One day you can build a castle of planters topped with towering sunflowers and the next you can create temporary walkways by lining them with baskets of snapdragons. Perhaps a week later inspiration may strike again and the modular gardening containers will transform a portion of your yard into a beautiful cascade of flowers. There are hundreds of possible examples of how to use your modular garden from optimal sun placement to cover your child’s tree house in flowers for a few days and for all this garden mobility, you’ll almost never have to replant something.

Delighting Your Friends

It may be both fun and satisfying to continuously redecorate with your planters, but what’s the ultimate goal if not to inspire awe and delight others? Most people only get one chance to design a breathtaking garden, and long-term flower beds take long enough to establish that close friends and family will have seen the final effect coming for months. However, with a modular garden, you can surprise and enchant friends and family even if they frequently visit your garden. The artistic changes that movable planters and hanging baskets provide allow you to create new stunning landscaping designs again and again, often without even having to get your hands dirty.

The Right Size for Any Space

The final benefit of a modular garden is that you don’t have to make a lot of room for it. If your flower beds are already full, you don’t have a lot of yard space, or you simply don’t want to dig up your current landscaping design to make room for a new project, you don’t have to! By growing in planters, you can turn any space into your garden, including bringing them indoors for storms to keep them safe. You can even select your favorite flowers for use decorating special events.

Modular gardens are a wonderful way to pursue an ancient decorative hobby in a new creative way. As an artist, you can rearrange them into new decorative designs every day, as a caring gardener you can move them into the sun or out of a storm, and as a hostess, you can use them to decorate anywhere, not just where you did your planting.

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