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Finishing Touches and Landscaping Ideas for More Curb Appeal

The yard and the flower garden are your personal priority, following, of course, the kids, your husband and the rest of the family and their activities. Working in the yard provides a sense of accomplishment and a peaceful, productive way to enjoy some outdoor time in the fresh air.

Your plants are healthy and blossoming; you’ve started installing that new succulent bed you’ve wanted for so long. Everything is looking good, thanks to your efforts and those of that excellent landscaper that helps you out with big jobs. However, you instinctively have the feeling that something is missing, something that would contribute to improving your curb appeal. Taking a look at the big picture, you realize that more definition would be a big plus.

Some spots have flowers spilling and creeping into the lawn, and some spots look like the lawn is growing into your flower beds. An immediate solution might be to dig up the offending blooms and relocate them into interesting containers. To correct the overall issue, perhaps you should add some edging. Definite edgings provide permanent separation, improving curb appeal for the long-term.

How to Add Edging

Begin the edging process around your beds and borders by cutting a line where the edge will be. For both a new or existing bed, use a garden hose to mark the design you wish to use. Keep scallops and curves gentle, while it is best to keep sharp edges straight. Once you have the garden hose in place a couple of inches or closer from where you want the separation, mark the edge with a spade-cut.

Use a Machine

You might enlist the help of your landscaping professional, who likely has experience and may have a machine, such as Black & Decker’s Edge Hog, with which to accomplish such a chore. Dig a 90 degree deep cut that extends slightly inside the bed and out for an inch or two. Remove a width of soil and grass after marking the line with the hose. Usually, about four inches of grass needs removal. Removing grass provides a clear definition between the lawn and other areas, including those beautiful, blossoming beds.

Install Edging

Now you can install our flexible landscape edging to keep the definition you’ve created. After all, you wouldn’t want all that work to quickly be overtaken by grass, or even worse, as a spot for weeds to develop. Our high-quality edging helps maintain that crisp, well-defined line that makes such a difference in the look of your overall landscape.

You’ve created your own unique, flexible design and now you can keep it in place with our edging in black flexible poly edging or brown wood landscape edging.

Use a layer of mulch over the plants, to help retain moisture, keep weeds from sprouting and add consistency to the overall curb appeal of your landscape. Remember to edge and mulch around the trees and shrubs in your yard, as well. Our edging is perfect around the mulch, to help keep it in place and provide a finished appearance. (Always keep mulch a few inches from tree trunks and plant stems.)

Our edging can beautifully accent walkways, flower beds, and gardens. This product won’t warp, fade, chip, decay, or rot. Our edging outperforms all other materials used for this purpose. While you’re taking a look at our quality products, be sure to join the Quality Accent Club. And don’t forget this product carries our 5-Year Durability Guarantee.

Get that finished look you long for in your yard. You will be happily surprised at the difference the definition makes and how it improves your curb appeal.


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